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From:  Sandy Simmons Re: How to create batch after batch of perfect soap – even on your first try!

Yes, it is possible to create batch after batch of perfect soap – even on your first try. With the right guidance and proper advice, you can create perfect batches of soap – even if you’ve never tried it before now.

Then, this could possibly the most important piece of information you as a beginner soap artist could ever want. If you’ve ever wondered how other soap making experts are doing it and creating batch after batch of one of a kind soap products, wonder no more.

I am Sandy Simmons, a soap making hobbyist for 5 years now. Like you, I fell in love with the idea of making my own brand of soap – with the fragrance and the properties that I want, using only the best materials I can find. 

Like you, I had to find a reason to justify to my friends and my family, “Why create something that is relatively inexpensive and readily available?” But I’m sure you know, the allure of making something with your own 2 hands – something as delicate as soap – is just too strong for soap artists like us. And so I pushed through with this hobby.  

Back then, it was hard to find good instruction on how to start making soap. Knowing full well that it involves working with the dangerous chemical, lye, safety was my primary concern. I wasn’t willing to take risks in that area. So I did my research thoroughly, attended workshops, and started by making small batches of soap in my home.

It wasn’t long before I was making batch after batch of perfectly crafted soap. I had so much, that I would give them as…

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