Sleeveless Knit Tops for Summer

This post is from the lovely blog Ravelry – she shares a lot of cute tanks and sleeveless tops to knit and crochet. Her blog – looks like it's been around since 2007 or so. Check lout her “Humans of Ravelry” page too. Looks like a nice group of people. Knit ON!

winniepigslim's lovely Luxora

Summer has caused me to lose my crafting mojo. It's so hot outside and the kids are keeping a crazy schedule, but I miss knitting and crocheting. When I find myself uninspired, I hit the Ravelry project search to get a jumpstart. Since it's hot here, I decided to see what people are making that I can wear right now & searched the sleeveless tops. Here's what I found!

I love the easy breezy look of these tops. They seem really versatile and like they would fit into so many different wardrobes. From left to right: Kwoolridge12's Peplum Top, KindredRed's Dany Crop and lotusflower7289's Marigold Tank

One great thing about a sleeveless top is that you can layer it in many ways, as seen in these examples: Audicee's Cacambo Tank, crochetluna's Rosalba in White Sleeveless Blouse and crochetastdesigns' Aurora Waterfall Cardi.

These tops definitely made me want to get going on some sleeveless top plans I have. If you want to check out more, you can find sleeveless top projects in the advanced search.

from Unraveled
This is a great compilation of cute tops for women of all sizes. They're not all sleeveless, but that's OK too. What's your summer inspiration?

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