Build Your Dory Boat with Our Wooden Boat Plans

As soon as you walked into that place you were struck by the smell of the wood. It went up your nostrils and straight into your soul.

Even if you were blind you would know that place was special. Something was being crafted there. Made from scratch.

Technology has consumed our every waking moment and our kids and grand kids spend more time on the computer, texting or playing video games than we care to talk about.

Folks seem to have forgotten the pure joy and pleasure that comes from building something with their own two hands. They've forgotten the smell of the wood. You know what I mean?

You see, Wilbert is a master carpenter who knows wooden boats. In fact, he has an amazing 66 years of wooden dory boat building experience.

"…and you're gonna take digital pictures of everything from start to finish so that anyone could build a boat just from the pictures alone. "

One hot and humid day in August (where I*m from, hot and humid days only come in August!) I finally got his approval!

Building Your Own Dory Boat Will Bring You Happiness and Inner Satisfaction That You Just Can't Get Anywhere Else

Human beings are creative animals. We were not put on this earth to sit at a desk. We weren't put here to type on a computer all day or sit in traffic.

Look around. The happiest folks are those who are using their hands to build something. To create something from nothing. Wilbert is the happiest person and most content man that I have ever known. He gets his peace from crafting. Building something tangible from nothing only a pile of wood.

You can get the same inner contentment. Feel that same satisfaction when you wake up every morning…


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